Wine and Vine

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Grow your own vine, make your own wine

Receive a bottle of wine for now and a plant for making wine in the future! 

Select a vine plant and choose a bottle of red or white 'The Flower and the Bee' wine

The wine:

The Flower and the Bee wine from Coto De Gomariz aims to introduce native Galician grapes to a wider audience. This is made from young Sousón vines (also known as Sousão/Vinhão in Portugal), and displays a lots of varietal character.


Grapes: Sousón (100%) 

Region: Ribeiro, Spain

Alcohol: 13.5%


Tasting notes/pairing options:  Fresh, vivid and bright with assertive cherry and raspberry fruit. Lovely purity and a spicy bite, with high acidity on the finish. 


Grapes: Treixadura (100%)

Region: Ribeiro, Spain

Alcohol: 13%

Tasting notes/pairing options: Powerful flavours of herbs, pears and white peach, with some apricot and spice notes. Real presence, but not at all heavy. Just lovely fruit intensity, and amazing freshness. 


The vines:

 Vitis 'Boskoop Glory' (Red)

Vitis 'Cabernet Franc' (Red)

Vitis 'Frankenthaler' (Red)

Vitis 'Golden Champion' (White) 

Vitis 'Sauvignon Blanc' (White)

Vitis 'Vroege can der Laan' (White)


These grapes can be used to make your own wine or as desserts.

Grape Vines need to be pruned hard in winter to keep them under control. Prune while growth is completely absent. Can be grown both outdoors or in greenhouse, polytunnel or conservatory.  Water well during dry spells.